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​渋川アートリラ2024 in伊香保



Shibukawa ARTRELA 2024 Concept

〜New Relationship between Art and Ikaho〜

"Artless" can mean lacking art, or it can also mean pure, rustic, honest, or pristine.

As a contemporary art term, it is often used in conjunction with "artful," which means blind faith in art,

However, it does not mean to emphasize an anti-art orientation, but rather to emphasize the balance between art and society. ("Dictionary of Contemporary Art Terms")

As we have built on in the past three articles, "creating artwork" is a necessary means, and it would be nice if we could do the exchange of the process in a way that is honest, simple, and respectful of people.

This is not to say that art is not necessary, but this time we will once again consider the relationship between art and the local community.

Our aim is not only to create a project as SEA (Socially Engaged Art),
but also we hope to deepen the relationship between the region of Ikaho, the people who come and go here, and art.





Open call for citizen artist exhibit is now open! Click here for details.

We are now accepting applications for citizen volunteer "RELAtive"! Click here for details.


Open call for citizen artist exhibit is now open! Click here for details.

We are now accepting applications for citizen volunteer "RELAtive"! Click here for details.



At Shibukawa Artrela 2024, visitors can enjoy themselves with the Artist in Residency programs, the Socially Engaged Art project, local citizen artists exhibitions, participatory art experience workshops, and experiences that touch on the charm of Ikaho's ryokan inns.

6 ARTLESS to Adorn Ikaho 


Appreciating Artworks of
Artist in Residency (AIR)


Like Takehisa Yumeji in the past, Ikaho is a town loved by writers and has nurtured culture. The "Artist in Residency (AIR)" program allows artists to live in ryokan inns and interact with local people through their creative activities, creating a new culture and bringing more color to Ikaho.

Once again, internationally and domestically active artists from a variety of fields will participate in the AIR program, creating art that is unique to the town of Ikaho.


Previous AIR works will also be exhibited as archived works, so please enjoy them as well.



Socially Engaged Artwork(SEA)


The Ojizo-san* in front of the Visitor Center, the entrance to Ikaho, was once said to be the guardian god of Ikaho, according to one theory.

The Ojizo-san, which originally stood guard over Ikaho in a different location, has now been relocated due to construction and stands in a corner of a large area of land where solar panels have been installed, and its appearance is a little sad.

The current location, together with this guardian deity, Jizo, can be used as a gateway to Ikaho and a step toward changing the current situation for the better in the context of the local community and art.

This "Ojizo-san Project" has started with the idea.

We hope that visitors will not only "see" but also "feel and experience" something at this place, and that it will be a starting point for communication.

*Ksitigarbha statue;The statues resemble Jizo, also called O-Jizo-san or O-Jizo-sama, the guardian deity of children and travelers. They can be found in many places, for example, at Buddhist temples, graveyards, and on the side of the road.


Appreciate the Artworks

by Local Citizen Artists


Artworks by Shibukawa citizens will be exhibited. You may find new charms of Shibukawa-Ikaho in the works of citizens created by people, history, and skills. 


The artist is You
Participatory Art Experience


Participatory art experiences allow visitors to take part in workshops that happen on the spot and at the right time. Experiences such as creating your own unique artwork using traditional crafts from the Shibukawa area are available only during Artrela.


Experience the Charm of Stores


The charm of Ikaho also lies in the stores that add value to the town, which is why we started the store collaboration project in the last time.

The collaboration with stores was realized as a result of the relationship created through Artrela.

We have prepared a mechanism that allows visitors to not only walk around the town, but also enjoy it more than usual.


Experience the Charm of Ryokan Inns


The art exhibits and events will take place at various ryokan inns in Ikaho, which boast hot springs and scenic views.

Please take this opportunity not only to appreciate the art, but also to feel and enjoy the historic atmosphere and warmth of the different ryokan inns.


Here you can find many ways to enjoy Artrela.

Participating and enjoying the artwork, walking around the city looking at it from a different angle than usual, or talking to someone you meet.

You can also try expressing yourself through your own art by participating in the hands-on workshops being held, or by supporting the event as a volunteer staff.

We will introduce various ways to participate in Artrela.

Enjoy Artrela

in Your Own Way



Purchase a Pass Ticket and
Tour the Artworks


Purchasing a pass ticket allows visitors to tour each ryokan inn and exhibition location to view artworks during the period.

In addition to viewing the artworks, visitors can also participate in art experience workshops and receive pass tickets privileges. 

Why not take this opportunity to experience a different Ikaho from the usual?


Exhibit Your Artwork

As a Local Citizen Artist


You can also enjoy exhibiting your own works as a citizen artist.

Through your artwork, you will surely be able to connect with various people.


Supporting the event

as an Volunteer Staff


"RELAtive" is the name for the volunteer staff who support ARTRELA.

In English, "relative" means a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage. We want them to be involved with ARTRELA as a closer relative.

The word "tive" means "capable of, rich in," and we hope to create ARTRELA together with RELAtive members who are rich in the possibilities of "Rila.



Venue Map




 Organized by

Shibukawa Artrela Executive Committee


 Supported by

Shibukawa City



Shibukawa Artrela Management Office



Shibukawa Artrela Management Office


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